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Simply the BEST Residential Home Inspections in the 'Burgh'


Why?  Because we work for you, and only you!

YOUR interests matter... NOT the realtor's, NOT the seller's. This is YOUR buying decision; NO one elses.

Experience, experience, experience!

Contractor experience with over 35 years in the home construction industry.

Ethics and integrity drive us! Professionalism and competency carry us!

We are thorough and complete. Our reports easy to understand.

"... I read through the entire report and it was easy for me to understand, which I really like.  Sometimes you get these reports and they are very confusing and hard to understand. Yours was very simple and went in a logical manner." -- Candace V., Pittsburgh, PA

contractor experience      Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors   $10,000 Honor Guarantee, Backed by InterNACHI